Wednesday, March 30, 2011


To continue our Tiny Seed activities, today we planted our very own flowers!  Since Miss Craig is doing her full time teaching, I pulled friends out into the pod to complete our activity! :)  They had a blast!  Be sure to check out Amelia's video with her explaining exactly what we did!

Our inspiration!  I found packets of "Butterfly and Hummingbird" seeds in the dollar section at Target!

Our materials!
A special thank you to Mrs. Waldrop for the potting soil!  And to Mrs. Roberts for finding the all-important clear cups (so we can see the roots)!  Thank you for helping make our activities possible!!!




Marcus and Charlesha

Christian and Pierce



We put our "pots" on our small red shelf by the back door.  We will leave the curtain open for the plants to get sunshine!

Amelia explaining what we did and why! :)

I cannot wait for you to see our last planting activity!  I found this great idea on a fellow teachers' blog and had to do it!  Coming next week!

Happy Wednesday!

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