Monday, March 7, 2011

The Great Horned Owl...

As you know, over the past month, we have been learning about owls and constructing our Great Horned Owl!  I decided not to post bits and pieces and just to save them all for one large owl post! :)
We hope you enjoy!

Instead of doing a KWL chart for each theme animal, we are alternating with a "Can...Have...Are..." chart!

Here are our groups for each job. 

Design Crew



After researching, the design crew came up with a plan for our owl! 

Paper Mache' Crew

Christian stirring our paper mache' mix.
Olivia and Ally tearing strips of paper and getting started.

We used a balloon for the owl's head.

We used a grocery bag stuffed with paper and then taped up, for the body.

Rosie loved the paper mache'.


Painting Crew

Nathan and Brenden painting the body brown.

Feather Crew

Charlesha is painting on glue and then adding feathers.


The finished product...

Our owl, facts, and chart are all hanging in the gallery on display! :)
Close up of facts.

Close up of the Great Horned Owl!

We had SO MUCH FUN creating our owl!  I hope you enjoy!
Have a wonderful Monday!

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